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Pediatric Podiatry

children's foot and ankle doctorWhile parents may be most familiar with their child’s pediatrician, foot problems are common in kids. Often, these problems require the help of a specialist like a podiatrist. Arming yourself with knowledge and becoming familiar with when you should consider a podiatrist for your child’s foot or ankle issues are great tools for keeping your child healthy and happy.

Common Childhood Foot and Ankle Issues

  • Flatfeet: Almost all children are born with flat feet. Their arches develop over time, eventually forming into healthy feet. However, some children’s feet never develop arches. Flatfeet sometimes result in foot pain.
  • Bowlegs: As with many other childhood foot and ankle problems, bowlegs often resolve themselves over time during a child’s natural growth process. However, if a child still experiences this condition over the age of two, it could be a sign of a more complex condition which requires additional treatment.
  • Heel Pain: This common condition could be a symptom of abnormal growth or a deformity of the foot’s bone. However, it could also be a result of injury or trauma. A visit to your pediatric podiatrist can determine the cause of your child’s heel pain.
  • Toe Walking: This condition is common in children under three and involves children walking on their toes rather than using their entire foot. Most children grow out of toe walking, but some do not. If a child still presents toe walking by the age of three, they should see their pediatric podiatrist.
  • Pigeon Toes: When children begin walking, you may notice that their feet tend to turn in. Most children’s legs correct themselves as they grow. Many cases of pigeon-toed patients do not require treatment through your doctor may want to monitor the condition.

Pediatric Podiatry Treatment 
Treatment for your child’s foot or ankle issue will depend on the condition, its severity, and your child. Since most of these common issues resolve themselves on their own, they often only require simple monitoring of the child’s growth and development. Other treatments like braces or orthotics to help realign the foot and ankle’s bones and tissues may become necessary as a child grows. Your podiatrist can help you determine the best course of treatment for your child.

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