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Precision Foot and Ankle Centers offers a full array of podiatric services to help you maintain healthy feet. You can read more on this page about specific services offered at our Torrance office, San Pedro office, and Los Angeles office.

Learn More About Our Specialties:

Our doctors perform the most advanced and precise surgical techniques available. Most patients are able to return to shoes 3 weeks after surgery unless it is a severe deformity. Our recurrence rate is less than 5% and more than 80% of our patients only require Tylenol or advil post-operatively for mild pain control. We typically use screw fixation which allows for early range of motion exercises to help you return to your full activities quickly.

Diabetic Foot and Wound Care
Our doctors are trained in advanced wound care techniques including total contact casting, the application of skin substitutes and surgical care to help prevent amputation. We emphasize preventative care with the use of bi-annual routine diabetic foot screenings, routine nail and callus care, diabetic shoes and custom orthotics to help prevent ulcerations and amputation.

Heel Pain Syndrome
We use a step-wise heel pain protocal to help alleviate fasciitis and heel pain and prevent recurrence. We utilize special devices i.e. Air heel gauntlets, night splints and custom made orthotics. Our doctors are trained in PRP Injection and Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomies when heel pain is persistent. More than 80% of our heel pain patients resolve their pain with conservative care and our treatment protocols.

Pediatric Foot and Ankle Deformities
Our doctors are highly specialized in the care of children from infants to adolescents.
Dr. Rodgveller has spent many years working with the Baja Project for Crippled Children in Mexico. Dr. Feit is experts in sports injuries in children. Our doctors often treat pediatric infected ingrown nails, plantar's warts, intoeing and flatfoot deformities.

Chronic Ankle Pain
Our doctors have highly advanced medical and surgical training in the managment of ankle pain. These techniques include specialized braces, therapeutic injections, ankle reconstruction, and ankle arthroscopy. We are one of the only practices in Los Angeles and the South Bay with the experience to care for your chronic ankle pain. We often see patients who are referred from surrounding areas of southern California for this type of care.

Foot and Ankle Trauma
Our doctors were trained in some of the busiest trauma facilities in the country. We specialize in advanced reconstructive techniques with early mobilization. We treat all types of foot and ankle trauma including fractures, tendon ruptures, and dislocations.

This is a disease of the foot that affects the nerves and causes burning, tingling, numbness and sometimes cramps. It often starts out as a burning, tingling, stabbing sensation and the end result is the numbness. It may sometimes feel like a “pins and needles” sensation and is sometimes very painful and debilitating. It may affect ones sleep and is often worse in the evenings.

New topical anti-fungal medications are now available which are demonstrating excellent results when combined with mechanical debridement. Oral anti-fungals are sometimes used in resistant cases based on our culture results. The use of laser therapy is not part of our practice at this time because there are no clinical studies to prove its efficacy and it is very expensive. We emphasize patient education and preventative methods once the mycosis is resolved.

Custom Orthotics
Our practice makes the most technologically advanced orthotics available. After a thorough biomechanical evaluation we cast the patient in a corrected position. We then utilize one of the best labs in the country which uses a 3 dimensional laser scanner to scan the mold and help create a computer generated orthotic.